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Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Kinks back at the Clissold Arms, just

You might remember that there was uproar when it was thought the new owners of the Clissold Arms on Fortis Green in my ward were going to completely sever links with the Kinks heritage of the pub. After lots of media coverage, petitions and pleas from Kinks fans, it seemed as if those fans were going to get what they wanted - the retention of the Kinks memorabilia in the pub.

The Clissold Arms finally reopened recently and although I haven't been in myself yet, some of the Kinks fans who contacted me before have been back in touch. It seems that the new owners have retained the Kinks link - but only in the form of four framed photographs.

You can see from the first two photographs here, from some years back, that there was a range of Kinks memorabilia commemorating the site of their first live performance. The third photo is of the pictures that now remain. Thanks to Olga for the photographs. She asked the staff at the Clissold Arms what happened to the rest of the memorabilia and was told the rest had been 'lost, damaged or stolen'.

I hope that the new, refurbished Clissold Arms is a great success, for the owners, local residents and visitors. But it is a real shame that care wasn't taken to keep the memorabilia in good condition and on display to recognise the fine heritage of the pub. I really don't see why it couldn't be done in a style that would fit with the new decor chosen by the pub's owners.


Anonymous said...

Shame on the Clissold Arms for losing/damaging or letting the Kinks memorabellia to be stolen.

bill said...

I hope someone manages to 'lose, steal or misplace' the remaining Kinks items at this esteemed eatery and then there's a huge vinegar fire in the kitchen. I've never had worse food in my life that the stuff I ate there - EVERYTHING was soaked in vinegar. Is it some kinda English aphrodisiac or something? The bar was nice though and the john was charming (loved pulling the chain). I'd never return if it weren't for the Kinks stuff. Now I'll never return at all (doubt I'd me missed).

This sucks and it's inexcusable. I bet it wouldn't have happened if it had been the Stones or Freddie and the Dreamers!

Anonymous said...

Sadly another good Pub has been ruined by the gastro food munching brigade these company should be hourly ashamed of themselves for wreaking England’s heritage. Me and the wife used to go here every Saturday night for drinks and a Meal now its been wreaked it feels just like drinking in a cheap restaurant not a Pub has no Pub atmosphere what so ever. Why cant these People buy a restaurant if they want one not wreck a good Pub lets hope one day its restored to its former glory it should have been mad a listed heritage Pub IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, are these guys clueless. All they had to do was
look after the memorabillia then
find it a home in their erm, pub,
or should that be restaurant or should it be niether ? Plenty of
fuss was made, statements made and
promises made. All for the new owners to mess it up.

Paul Horvath

Anonymous said...

Wow, four framed pictures! That's pretty weak. You have real original rock history in that pub. Something hard to find these days. You know the Hard Rock Cafe made millions by serving lame food with a rock memorabellia and attitude. Guess your sticking with just having the lame food.

I have more Kinks memorabillia in more my home than the pub did then or now. I think I'll open a pub, invite the Kinks to play, and make my millions!

- Jack the Idiotdunce

indimusic said...

Jack Jack the....

I am just now reading these posts and I am happy to hear that you have KINKS memorabilia. I will be seeing Ray in Los Angeles, CA. on the 29th of March. (2008) I Saw his last tour and I am a musician and HUGE FAN of Ray and all the Kinks. This Pub story sickens me! It's hard to believe that people can be so out of touch and stupid! I am a songwriter of 35+ years and Ray is one of the best that ever was!!

E-Fish, Laguna Beach, CA. indimusic@aol.com

Anonymous said...

hi im not mutch of a kinks fan but i did like 2 songs lola and ypu realy got me because they rocked that song up that song and lola were the most decent songs they ever had

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