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Friday, 6 April 2007

We wuz robbed

The match last night was pretty entertaining overall. Sevilla really did look quite good - but then you'd expect that, looking at their position in La Liga at the moment. But we looked good too, even if on balance, if you hadn't seen the goals, you might have guessed Sevilla 2 Spurs 1 would have been a fair(ish) result.

But as their equaliser came from a penalty which was one of the worst decisions I've seen for a long time and their second goal came from Spurs failing to clear the ball when they had chance, it's difficult not to be a bit annoyed. Especially as the ref booked nearly every Spurs player and was giving freekicks for absolutely nothing - it really was a poor performance from him.

Anyway, 1-2 to take back to White Hart Lane on Thursday night, that's not a bad position to start from and should be a really good game.

It seems like a little while since I saw the Inspiral Carpets, but I have got a few gigs coming up over the next couple of months. Before the end of May I've got CSS, James and the Holloways and just booked tickets for The Good The Bad and The Queen in July. Oh, and going to see Take That (again) with my sister in December. Did want to go and see Brett Anderson, but clashes with a council meeting so am having to pass on that. Looking out for a few more to slot in over the summer though!

Anyway, was going to start delivering our residents' survey today, but haven't been able to get them off my colleague... which is why I'm having a (long overdue) lazy day and writing so much boring waffle on here!

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