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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

30 years of girls

A little bit of tennis news, especially for my colleague Cllr Neil Williams who is a big tennis news fan.

At the weekend, when Andy Murray won the San Jose Open, his older brother Jamie won the doubles (with his American partner) at the same event. Jamie's development is potentially really good news for Britain's Davis Cup future.

Less happy news is that Xavier Malisse has had to withdraw from the Memphis tournament this week in the first round. Frustrating after his excellent start to 2007.

Presented my scrutiny review report on CCTV to the Labour Executive tonight. There were some generally positive noises from the Exec, but we need to wait until their formal response next month to see if the scrutiny review bears *real* fruit. Thanks to the council officer whose help leading the review was invaluable, as well as my colleagues Justin Portess (Highgate) and Fiyaz Mughal (Noel Park) who contributed greatly.

Currently watching back-to-back episodes of Shameless, surely the best thing Channel 4 have had since Teachers (the first two series at least). I don't deliberately tune in for much tv, partly due to lack of time and partly due to lack of interest. But if there is something that gets my attention, it's usually Channel 4.

Talking of Shameless, the shameless attention-grabbing title of this post was the title of an e-mail I received tonight. Apparently it is the 30th anniversary of my old secondary school, Arnold School in Blackpool, accepting female students. There's a big party at the Pleasure Beach in April, but a friend's wedding means no chance of me joining the celebrations.

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